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Video Guide Guide #1: Introduction to BioSlim
Guide #2: Using the BioSlim Ultra Formulas
Guide #3: Vitamins/Minerals, In General
Guide #4a: Eating: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly (Part 1)
Guide #4b: Eating: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly (Part 2)
Guide #5: When to Eat
Guide #6: Conquering Cravings: Indulging
Guide #7: The Truth About Restaurants
Guide #8: Activity
Guide #9: Getting More Power From the System (Especially in the Beginning)
Guide #10: Super BioSlim
Guide #11: Medical Considerations
Guide #12: Need More Help?
Guide #13: Final Words
BioSlim Complete Doctor's Reference Guide
The Doctor's Reference Guide is a terrific resource, with everything you need to know about BioSlim, weight loss, and your health in general. You'll want this invaluable, information-packed manual-plus-reference guide on your bookshelf permanently. It's fully indexed, so use it anytime you need quick answers to a health or weight-related question -- now or whenever the need arises.
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BioSlim Food Preparation Guide & CookBook
This CookBook is filled with delicious gourmet recipes! Not only will you enjoy years of delicious health-building foods, you'll learn how to make your favorite dishes work for you -- you'll be able to easily adjust virtually any recipe so that it follows the simple, powerful, life-saving BioSlim principles. It's all designed to speed up your weight-loss success as healthfully and easily as possible. BioSlim is the only way to go!
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BioSlim Youth System Guidebook
This entertaining and informative kids' guidebook goes through the entire BioSlim Youth System, with many easy-to-follow, fun ways to shape up and lose weight the right way, healthfully and permanently. Parents: Read it with your kids! Keep this book on your bookshelf forever - it's a great health resource for growing kids, and parents, to use for years to come!
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