I have a rash! (actually, it's a niacin flush)

Niacin is an important member of the B-vitamin family. Doctors use it in large doses (100s of milligrams) to reduce cholesterol levels. It is a vital and essential nutrient.

When niacin is taken as "niacin" -- as opposed to its other form, "niacinamide" -- it will cause a "niacin flush", which is a skin reddening, mostly in the upper torso and arms, and/or face. This reaction can be frightening if you don't know what it is. It varies from mild to severe, depending on your sensitivity to niacin, the dose you took, and whether or not you took it with food.

This "niacin flush" is perfectly normal and expected. Not everyone gets it, because many people tolerate niacin well. But EVERYONE will get this flush if they take a large enough dose of niacin. So there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry about, no reason to think anything serious is happening.

The "niacin flush" will typically dissipate within 60 minutes of its appearance. Again, the time involved will vary depending on your individual biochemistry and the dose involved.

Note: Niacin is present in both Accelerator and Vita/Min Plus. Vita/Min Plus has a bit more of it than Accelerator.

Here are suggestions for what to do if you experience this kind of flush:

  • Don't worry. It's not serious, and it will soon pass.
  • Take your Accelerator or Vita/Min Plus tablets WITH FOOD. This is a key step.
  • If you still experience the flush, and it bothers you, reduce your dose of the niacin-containing tablets that caused it. For example, take just 1 tablet next time, and see what happens. Again, with food.
  • Note: Over time, your body should get used to the niacin, and the flushing reaction should diminish and then stop happening altogether.

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