How do I know if my order went through?

The best way to make sure that your order went through is to check your e-mail for the confirmation e-mail notice that should arrive shortly after you have placed your order through this website.

If you did not receive your order confirmation email, the most common reasons are not related to an order problem. You should always check the following two most common reasons first:

  • A typo when you entered your email address;
  • Your system thought our email  was spam, and hid it away in some "spam folder". This is very common, and easy to check.

Please do not place your order again before making sure that we have not received your original order. Check to make sure the email address you gave us is correct and working. The easiest way to verify we have the email address you want us to have is: log in to this site with your username (=your email address) and password. If you can log in, then we have your correct email address. If you can't and need help, contact Customer Service: the best and easiest way is to write an email to "" Alternatively, you can call Customer Service: see details here.

If you've checked your email and are certain you have not received your confirmation e-mail at the correct email address, and less than one day has passed since you placed your order, contact Webmaster, making sure to include your name, address, and order details. If at least one full business day has passed since you placed your order, you should check with Customer Service to see if your order has been received for processing.


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