What's wrong with plans like Atkins?

Like many weight loss schemes on the market today, the Atkins plan relies on tricking your body to try to get it to lose weight. The concept is to starve the body of carbohydrates, thereby forcing it into a state of ketosis, an abnormal metabolic condition usually seen in starvation or severe diabetes. Followers are urged to eat as much fat as they want, but no carbs. Dr. Atkins once actually recommended, on national television, that people eat their breakfast cereals with cream instead of milk or low-fat milk, because there is a little natural sugar in the milk (lactose) and that would throw people off their "plan". Dr. Leichtberg was watching, and reports astonishment that the sky did not fall down on the man at that moment! Because Dr. Leichtberg considers the Atkins plan wrong in many respects; he calls it the "impossible-to-follow, high-cancer diet".

But that does not mean that avoiding unhealthful carbohydrates is a bad idea. It's actually very important. But it is the reckless single-minded fanaticism of the Atkins plan that Dr. Leichtberg finds so troubling. It is not a good idea to substitute cream for milk. It is not a good idea to eat endless amounts of fat, because you will more likely get cancer and die. (Dr. Leichtberg's joke is: "Why not just take a bullet in the head? Death: the ultimate diet. You're guaranteed to end up skin and bones." It's a "doctor's joke", to be sure, but there is a point there.) And by the way, it doesn't help to eat more unsaturated fat as opposed to saturated. There is evidence now that unsaturated fats can do even more harm than the saturated variety when ingested in excess.

The bottom line: it is not a good idea to try to trick your body into losing weight. Why? Because you can't keep it up forever. Nobody can. Eventually, you have to go back to "normal". And that's when everything you worked so hard to accomplish will begin disappearing. And in the end, you'll be right back where you started. Maybe worse.

If you're contemplating trying Atkins, think about it: How long do you think you can keep testing your urine nearly every day to make sure you're still in ketosis? Do you really believe that the only right way to lose weight is to make sure you're still in an abnormal metabolic state every day? And... testing your urine??! Have we lost our minds yet? Is this what nature intended for us? Are we overweight because of some national ketosis deficiency?!

BioSlim is the answer. BioSlim is healthful, natural, correct for your body. To accomplish its incredible results, BioSlim sticks with what nature intended for your body. BioSlim retunes and normalizes your body. No trickery. No temporary band-aids. No drugs or artificial stimulants. No urine tests. Just a fast and permanent way to get the results you deserve, naturally.

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