Why am I not getting my BioSlim Club discounts?

As you probably know, the BioSlim Discount Club offers deep discounts, convenient delivery and many other benefits, all free. If you joined the Club online, the system will recognize you as a Club member and automatically apply your discounted prices.

But if you joined offline (on the phone, by mail, fax, etc.), there is a chance the system does not yet recognize you as a Club member. There's a simple solution: Just make sure to check the box that says "Please apply my Discount now!" during checkout or when you View Cart (the option appears whenever you view your Shopping Cart if you are purchasing an item that has a Club price which has not been applied yet). That tells the system to make sure that you get only Club discounted prices.

Note that all customers get Club pricing on their first order of any refill product(s) at this website, as a welcome gift and a token of our appreciation. (There is NO limit on the size of the first discounted order.) After that first refill order, it's a simple matter -- and completely FREE -- to join the Club and continue receiving those terrific discounts (plus all the other benefits)!

If you nevertheless choose not to join the Club after receiving your initial complimentary Club discount, your subsequent orders will be charged at regular list price so long as you are not a Club member. Keep in mind, though, that you can join anytime you like. And you can cancel your membership at any time too, at no cost to you whatsoever. Note: If you do not join the Discount Club, you will still get Club prices after your third order of any BioSlim product.

Note: If you join the Club offline and find that the website doesn't recognize you as a Club member, follow the instructions above for checking the "Please apply my Discount now!" box during checkout. Your Club discount will be immediately applied.

To learn more about the terrific and convenient BioSlim Discount Club, click here

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