Why don't most diets work?

  • Most diet plans try to trick your body into losing weight. Whether it's through the requirement for "ketosis", or by promising to "suck the fat (or carbs) out of your food", or by limiting your foods in some arbitrary way, the point is that most plans try to fool your body into behaving "well" for a while. But it's not nice to fool Mother Nature -- she won't put up with it for long. You cannot trick your body forever. When the day comes that you go back to your normal patterns, when you abandon all the tricks (assuming they worked in the first place), you immediately start returning to the way you were. All the lost weight comes back, and then some.  The lesson and the solution: if you want to lose weight permanently, make permanent, healthful, natural changes. Optimize your nutrition and your metabolism. The BioSlim way. Because BioSlim works... with your body... to effect the amazing changes you see. As you get thinner you also get healthier, and there is nothing tricky about it.

  • When you go on a crash diet your metabolic rate drops because your body adapts to starvation conditions by conserving energy. Therefore, once you've lost weight, you need to continue to eat less than you did before to maintain the weight loss. So when you eventually go back to your regular eating patterns, you regain the weight you lost, usually faster than you lost it.

  • Severe dieting upsets your body's normal regulatory mechanisms for weight control. This often leads to overeating almost as a reflex. Also, denying yourself particular foods sets up cravings that lead to overeating or binging. It's all downhill from there.

  • During crash dieting, your body reduces its muscle mass along with fat stores as it seeks the energy it needs. This leaves you weak, tired and unable to be normally active. Instead, you sit around..... eating.

  • Dieting can lead to an obsession with food, making it difficult to concentrate on work or anything else. The stress of dieting may lead to depression and other emotional and behavioral problems.

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