7 myths about losing weight: How do I get past all my problems?

Problems aren't always problems. But they are obstacles, getting in your way. Here's the truth about some of our most common obstacles:

- Obstacle #1: I can't lose weight - it's in my genes!

The propensity for being overweight does run in families, and yes, it can be genetic, but that is not usually the case. The main reason, by far, that whole families tend to be overweight is that members share the same lifestyle and eating habits.\n

There is a great deal of research going on today about the genetic causes of obesity. Chemicals with strange names like leptin and ghrelin are being looked at closely to see how they affect us. But remember: as a society, our genes have not changed at all over hundreds of years, yet obesity has soared to unprecedented levels. Just in the past 20 years we have seen the rise of an epidemic of weight-related health problems. Conclusion: in the vast majority of cases, it's clear that "The fault is not in our genes, but in ourselves".

The solution? Simple. One word. BioSlim. Even if you are genetically inclined to be overweight, BioSlim can help you. Why? Because BioSlim works by normalizing your body, not by tricking it for a while so you lose some weight. That means that for once, you actually have a chance of losing weight and keeping it off!  No matter what your family history might be, no matter how old you are -- if you can read this, you can lose weight the right way with BioSlim!

- Obstacle #2: It's not my fault - I have a slow metabolic rate!

Many overweight people believe they burn fewer calories or burn their calories more slowly than others. But the fact is that overweight folks usually turn out to have normal metabolic rates when subjected to strict scientific scrutiny. (The rate at which you burn calories is called your metabolic rate and it varies throughout the day, depending on whether you are resting or active. Generally men need about 2500 calories a day and women need about 1900 to maintain status quo, though that varies greatly with age, physical size, and activity levels.)

Still, some people do seem to gain weight if they eat anything, while others can scarf down truckloads of food and not gain an ounce. No matter. The key fact is: BioSlim helps by normalizing metabolism, normalizing you, and by helping you understand which foods you can eat (no truckloads though!) regardless of the idiosyncrasies of your individual metabolism.

- Obstacle #3: I was at a normal weight until I gave up smoking

Not everyone puts on weight when they stop smoking. Smoking suppresses appetite to some extent, so it's normal to put on a few pounds right after you quit. But this physical effect passes quickly, typically within 2-3 weeks. After that, it's all up to you! The main thing is to stay positive. Follow the BioSlim program, optimize your nutrition with the BioSlim Formulas and the food plan, and the issue will disappear.... like a puff of smoke.

- Obstacle #4: There's something wrong with my glands!

There are genuine medical conditions that can cause weight gain. By far the most common is hypothyroidism (common in women, especially as they age), in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroxin to keep metabolic rate high enough. Symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, feeling cold, constipation, dry skin, depression, et al. See your doctor if you suspect that you have thyroid problems. (Also see the Doctor's Reference Guide book in your Complete BioSlim Kit (for adults) for much more information on this common health problem.)

Fluid retention can also manifest as an apparent increase in weight. That may be hormonal and cyclical (linked to the menstrual cycle) in women, or it may be related to sudden changes in sodium (salt) intake. Body fluid shifts can also be caused by certain drugs, like corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, diuretics, and by more serious medical problems involving the heart and/or kidneys.

But water weight is not fat weight. It will settle out, eventually. Hormonal problems, such as thyroid dysfunction, are more difficult. If you suspect you suffer from hypothyroidism, you should have it checked by a physician. (Get the thyroid blood tests, including TSH.) If there is a real medical problem, get it treated.

But note that even if you have a hormonal abnormality, you can still control your weight and health with BioSlim. It's only the most severe cases that are intractable.

And it is important to realize that obesity due to true hormonal dysfunction is relatively rare. Reason: most people with true medical disorders are treated for it. By far the most common reasons for being overweight relate to things that are under your control. So here's what you have to do: Follow the BioSlim program. Take the Formulas, learn the plan. Do that, and (barring a truly severe medical problem) you will see results.

- Obstacle #5: Everyone puts on weight as they get older

Weight gain with age is not inevitable. And it is not "normal". It's common, yes, but not normal. And it doesn't happen with BioSlim. At any age, BioSlim provides the normalization and support needed to achieve healthful, permanent results.

- Obstacle #6: Chocolate is my downfall - I give it up, then I just binge on it

Self-denial is the surest way to put on weight. Works every time. You can find chocolate that is relatively unsweetened, or better yet, made with artificial sweetener. That'll get rid of your craving without overloading your pancreas!  Eat (small amounts of) high-quality chocolate when you feel like it. Remember: deprivation is bad. Especially if it involves a beloved food. Note that most foods, in one form or another (yes, you might have to get a healthier form), can be enjoyed as part of a well-balanced food plan.

- Obstacle #7: I never had a weight problem until I got married/ had a baby/ got this terrible job, etc...

It's common for people to blame their weight problems on some event or change in their lives. Stress is usually the underlying cause. But there are other factors. For example, it's quite possible that you eat more now that you're married because you're at home more often, sitting in front of the TV. Or perhaps you are now following a structured meal routine you would otherwise skip. Parenthood, too, can disrupt eating and activity patterns: first you eat with the children, then the leftovers, then again with your spouse -- and you never get out anymore!

The key is understanding. Give it a moment's thought, and you will see the patterns that have changed. Once you recognize them, they're usually easy to fix.

It is most helpful to know that there is a plan for you to follow. The BioSlim plan. With that in mind, you will be far less likely to let new patterns disrupt your reaching your goals. Analyze your life, identify the things that lead you away from the basic principles of BioSlim, then make the necessary simple adjustments. Your problems, along with your excess body weight, will soon be a memory.

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