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  1. Why don't most diets work?
    Most diet plans try to trick your body into losing weight. Whether it's through the requirement for "ketosis", or by promising to "suck the fat (or carbs) out of your food", or by limiting your foods in some arbitrary way, the point is that most plans try to fool your body into behaving "well" for a...

  2. What's wrong with plans like Atkins?
    Like many weight loss schemes on the market today, the Atkins plan relies on tricking your body to try to get it to lose weight. The concept is to starve the body of carbohydrates, thereby forcing it into a state of ketosis, an abnormal metabolic condition usually seen in starvation or severe diabet...

  3. What's wrong with ephedra-based products?
    In one sense, ephedra shares the same problems as the Atkins plan. They are both unnatural. They both try to trick your body into losing weight for a while. But ephedra has its own set of serious issues. It is a potentially fatal stimulant. The FDA has issued warnings about ephedra, and several peop...

  4. Can "controlling cortisol" help with weight loss?
    Recently, there has been a spate of advertising by companies touting products claiming to aid in weight loss (especially "belly fat") by "controlling cortisol". The FTC has already taken action against two such companies, due to "false and misleading claims". And indeed, the claims are false. There ...

  5. 7 myths about losing weight: How do I get past all my problems?
    Problems aren't always problems. But they are obstacles, getting in your way. Here's the truth about some of our most common obstacles:

    - Obstacle #1: I can't lose weight - it's in my genes!

    The propensity for being overweight does run in families, and yes, it can be genetic, but that ...

  6. Spirulina - How much can I take? Tablets or powder?
    About Spirulina:
    Spirulina can be taken in small quantities as a small, healthful addition to your diet, or it can be taken in larger quantities, in which case it can be used as a meal replacement. It is this latter use that we highly recommend, because: (a) it is spectacularly healthful, since S...

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