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  1. Where is my order?
    If you have not yet received your order, and you believe enough time has elapsed, you should first check the confirmation e-mail that we sent you. If you have not received that e-mail, there may have been a problem placing your order. Note: The most common reasons for not receiving your BioSlim conf...

  2. What are my shipping options?
    - USPS, Fedex or UPS for domestic addresses.- USPS First Class International or USPS Global Express for destinations outside the United States

    All options are presented, along with the applicable costs, during checkout.

  3. What do I do if my shipment is missing an item?
    Are you missing an item? Check the packing slip that was included with your shipment. If you ordered a larger-than-usual number of items, we may have split the shipment into two boxes. (Note: you will not have to pay additional shipping costs if this occurs.) If you still have a problem, write us ab...

  4. What do I do if I receive a damaged or defective item?
    Please let us know what was damaged or defective, and we will promptly replace it, and send you a call tag to ship back the defective item. When contacting us, please give us your order details (name, address, order number if you know it, etc.) and tell us what the problem was. Use email, or ph...

  5. Canadian or other foreign orders: import charges, duty, lost or damaged shipments
    People from all over the world order BioSlim. But we have no control over any country's import regulations. There should be no fees for any country that enjoys free trading with the United States (like Canada), but local authorities will do what they will do, and there is unfortunately little we can...

BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)
BioSlim 2000 Ultra
Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)

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BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 2 Adult)
BioSlim 2-Adults Special
(6 weeks of Formulas for two)

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BioSlim Youth System Complete Kit
BioSlim Youth System
Complete Kit

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Family Discount KitPack - Save 50%
Family Discount KitPack
(2 Kits: 1 Adult + 1 Youth)

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