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  1. Can I use BioSlim if I have a thyroid condition?
    Yes. BioSlim works extremely well in patients who are also on thyroid medication. Of course, BioSlim is not at all a substitute for thyroid medication. All such conditions, like any medical problem, must be treated by your doctor. BioSlim will help you achieve the weight loss and health improvement ...

  2. Are there any side effects I should be aware of?
    You should experience no ill effects whatsoever. BioSlim is safe and all-natural. However, if you have nutritional deficiencies from years of poor eating habits you may experience some mild changes as your body goes about removing accumulated toxins and waste. A yellowing of the urine is common and ...

  3. Can I use BioSlim if I have a medical condition or if I'm taking medication?
    The BioSlim Formulas have been carefully formulated to be safe in virtually all circumstances. There are no known conflicts with medications. BioSlim uses no stimulants (like ephedra) that could harm your heart or increase your blood pressure, and no drugs whatsoever. It's designed to normalize your...

  4. Can I use BioSlim if I am diabetic?
    The BioSlim Plan is highly recommended for diabetics. In fact, it was originally designed to help optimize the body's ability to control blood sugar levels. Keep in mind that you must be under a physician's care, especially if you are taking medication. And note: as you begin following the BioSlim p...

  5. Does BioSlim contain any ephedra, caffeine, or other harmful stimulants or chemicals?
    BioSlim contains no ephedra, no drugs, no harmful chemicals, and no caffeine added to any of its formulas. All ingredients are natural and carefully chosen by the doctor to be both safe and maximally effective. This is true for both the adults' BioSlim 2000 Ultra System and the children's Youth Syst...

  6. I have a rash! (actually, it's a niacin flush)
    Niacin is an important member of the B-vitamin family. Doctors use it in large doses (100s of milligrams) to reduce cholesterol levels. It is a vital and essential nutrient. When niacin is taken as "niacin" -- as opposed to its other form, "niacinamide" -- it will cause a "niacin flush",...

  7. Can I use BioSlim if I’m pregnant or nursing?
    You can and should always follow the BioSlim food and activity plans, as they are health-building. Regarding the Formulas: All BioSlim Formulas are nutritional supplements (containing no drugs) and all ingredients used in BioSlim are natural and considered safe. Nevertheless, in most cases pregnanc...

  8. Spirulina - How much can I take? Tablets or powder?
    About Spirulina:
    Spirulina can be taken in small quantities as a small, healthful addition to your diet, or it can be taken in larger quantities, in which case it can be used as a meal replacement. It is this latter use that we highly recommend, because: (a) it is spectacularly healthful, since S...

  9. What do I do if I miss my period after starting BioSlim?
    It is quite normal and common for women to have some menstrual irregularity when starting any program of weight loss, or with any significant change of diet or activity level.  It is not cause for concern if you happen to skip a period after starting on BioSlim, providing that your cycles norma...

BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)
BioSlim 2000 Ultra
Complete Kit (for 1 Adult)

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BioSlim 2000 Ultra Complete Kit (for 2 Adult)
BioSlim 2-Adults Special
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BioSlim Youth System Complete Kit
BioSlim Youth System
Complete Kit

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Family Discount KitPack - Save 50%
Family Discount KitPack
(2 Kits: 1 Adult + 1 Youth)

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